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The Full Suite | Coffee Set

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Can't decide which one of our coffees to gift a client, friend or yourself? 

Then simply choose all three for the perfect coffee set! Our Ethiopian, Espresso and House Blend beans are meticulously roasted, hand packaged with care and guaranteed to impress.

Bembo: A delicate blend of Colombian coffee from the Tolima region and Guatemala coffee from the Huehuetenango region. Medium roasted, with love.

Canossa: Grown at around 1500-1700m before it undergoes a washed process, this single-origin coffee is from Guji and offers notes of blueberry, blackberry and a hint of chocolate. Delivering a brisk and energetic cup to refresh and refocus. Specified to a light-medium roast, with love.

Fregoso: A tasteful combination of a Guatamalian-Huehuetenango and Brazilian-Minas Gerais coffee. Ilma Gonclaves Muniz processes the Brazilian coffee at her Fazenda Peão farm. Curated to a Medium-Dark roast, with love.

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