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Canossa | Arabica Coffee


Pay homage to the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia! Whether you brew with a french press, chemex or automatic drip coffee machine, Canossa is a dependable option that deserves to be a staple in your home brew rotation. Enjoy it before a relaxing morning yoga session or with family and friends.

What's in your cup?

Grown at around 1500-1700m before it undergoes a washed process, this single-origin coffee is from Guji and offers notes of blueberry, blackberry and a hint of chocolate. Delivering a brisk and energetic cup to refresh and refocus. Specified to a light-medium roast, with love.

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Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 9 Reviews
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Nishant N.
United States United States
Good beans blended for greatness

Loved it!

Karlene E.
United States United States
Amazingly smooth and balanced flavor!!

One of the best roast I’ve ever purchased. The flavor is smooth and balanced. The aroma is intoxicating and it’s not overly acidic. Loved ever cup brewed!

Ian M.
United States United States
Pour Over Delight

Aromatic beans coupled with a smooth flavor, that leaves you wanting another cup. I really enjoyed the Canossa Arabica blend presented by Suite 437. It far exceeds other beans at this price point, and even punches up past more expensive niche brands. I would pick this bag of coffee over some of my favorites. When ground correctly I think these beans function superbly as both pour over, and my personal favorite: French Press. If reviews are any indicator of being on the fence for purchasing a product then believe my endorsement. Buy yourself a bag and take the time to brew some coffee that will start your day off right.

Robert A.
United States United States
Loved it

Freshly-roasted, fast shipping, great flavor with a v60 brew. Loved these beans.

Madeleine W.
United States United States
Crazy about Canossa and Suite 437

I love coffee, but have always struggled to taste the unique notes that certain beans have to offer. Canossa was different. It delivered the blueberry, blackberry, and chocolate notes so well, that even I was able to identify them. I came away with an awesome cup of coffee each time. Thank you Suite 437 :D

Jessica C.
United States United States
Can’t live without this Canossa

Perfect balance, depth of flavor and low acidity. Definitely something I look forward to every morning. Exactly what I seek in the perfect cup - so much so that even though I travel for work 8 months out of the year, I change my subscription address as I go. Also, the social impact mission is another great reason to support this brand! Bravo!

Brandie A.
United States United States
The label rings true

I woke up feeling fatigued with brain fog. i drank one cup and had one of my most productive day in a while. This coffee packs a powerful punch and flavor leaving you feeling energized. The flavor is brisk and rich. Real coffee here not that watered down stuff. I highly recommend.

Gerrit M.
United States United States
A rich smooth bean with a superior finish.

Smooth, yet full bodied coffee. Great for more than one cup and has no bitter taste. French press it, or put it in a drip machine, it doesn’t matter. The overall outstanding quality of these Suite 437 beans will please even the most discerning coffee snob at a price that works for the casual drinker.

Hannah D.
United States United States
Must Buy

Bought these beans for a girls weekend and everyone was raving about them. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who has a taste for quality coffee